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Special geographic location and featured culture make Tibet one of the most mysterious places in the world. High altitude highly demands physical condition. Mt. Everest trip is the most adventurous. On this highland live the simple and guileless Tibetans. They mostly have religious belief in Tibetan Buddhism and worship Dalai Lama. Intelligent and diligent Tibetans built the majestic Potala Palace and ingenious monasteries. Currently transportation to Tibet is much more convenient, more trains and trains arriving Lhasa. Every visitor came with admiration and left Tibet with their lifetime memories. Come and unveil its mystery with your own insight.

※ Awesome Potala Palace was the must-see for travelers to Lhasa. This grand palace was firstly built 17th century for welcoming the Princess Wencheng from Tang Dynasty of China to marry Tibetan king of the time, Songtsen Gampo. 
※ Namtso Lake is the holy lake to Tibetans. Limpid water looks azure under pure sky. This world’s highest saltwater lake is always the spotlight for travelers there.
※ Monasteries, such as Drepung, Sera, and Ganden monasteries are the highlights of Tibet travel. Featured buildings, solemn statues and lamas in red clothes….. 
※ Find unique Tibet-style handicrafts in Barkhor Street where you possibly see devout pilgrims passing by.
※ Never miss a visit to Jokhang Temple, the spiritual site of Tibet.
※ Visit a Tibetan family and you will find more about these mysterious and austere people . This is more vivid than any reports from media.