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China water town:

Maybe you have been to Venice. But China water town is still worthwhile your visiting. They are totally different. They have unique beauties than you can find nowhere else. In Yangtze River Delta, there are numerous such ancient towns such as Zhou Zhuang,Wuzhen, Xitang, ZhuJiaJiao, Mudu, Luzhi and Tongli. Those century old towns have their stories polished by time. Take a boat cruise on crisscrosss rivers, passing by small bridges, century-old local residences and friendly people. Never miss the chance to be part of this amazing picture. 

※ Zhou Zhuang - paradise for a leisure life
※ Wuzhen – a showcase of scenic south China, living fossil showing the old oriental civilization;
※ Xitang – a living ancient town with a history of more than one thousand years;
※ Zhujiajiao - boats sailing on the water and people touring in painting
※ Mudu - garden-like ancient township on water;
※ Luzhi – a town of bridges and winding rivers;
※Tongli – small bridge, flowing stream and thatched households, with a World Cultural Heritage - Tuisi Garden.