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For the past decades, Beijing is what China means to lots of people outside. Indeed, Beijing is the political, economical and cultural centre of China. As the capital city for the past hundreds of years, Beijing has been endowed with bunch of imperial relics such asForbidden City and Summer Palace, and Ming Tombs. World-famous Great Wall never fails to awe visitors by its grandeur. If you are gourmets, this city can offer beyond you can expect, especially its crispy roast duck. Come and tour this ancient city, and you won’t regret.
※ Chairman Mao ever said "One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero.”Come to the Great Wall and be a hero/heroine.
※ Enjoy a visual feast in the world's largest imperial complex - the Forbidden City. Check how luxury life these emperors and imperial members ever lived. 
※ Mr. Rickshaw will drag you to unlock mystery of the ancient Hutongs symbolizing the history of lifestyle of Beijingnese;
※ Tour around the imperial retreat - Summer Palace and get relaxed as those imperial members did;
※ If you are fans of modern art, 798 Art Zone is right the place Beijing caters for you.
※ Have a try of authentic crispy and tender Roast Duck and other snacks in this cuisine kingdom. 
※Kinds of performances and shows are put in evening. You may choose to watch shows such as stunning Chinese acrobatics, exoticPeking Opera or fantastic Kung Fu.