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Xi'an is one of the four major ancient civilization capitals in the world, together with Athens, Cairo and Rome. It was regarded as living history book of China, recording many historic changes. Nowadays, it is also the capital city of Shanxi Province. Long history left this city with numerous relics, such as the world-famous Terracotta Warriors, Wild Goose Pagoda, Grand Mosque and Shaanxi History Museum. Attend amazing singing & dancing in Tang Dynasty Show, and enjoy grand banquet of Chinese dumplings (Jiaozi). Come and experience the city's special charm.

※ Terracotta Warriors, each different in appearance and clothes, is known as one of the world’s eight wonders;
※ Taoists believed that in the Mountain Huashan lives a god of the underworld. The mountain characterizes breathtaking cliffs, attracting brave enough visitors to adventure.
※ Xi'an food, generally speaking, is served in large portions, is inexpensive and each dish has its own story.
※ Stroll along the Ancient City Wall and view this ancient city from a different angle. 
※ Muslim sites take a large portion in this city, different from most Chinese cities. If you are interested in Muslim culture, Grand Mosque and Muslim Street are what you should not miss.
※ Plenty of nightlife can be found in De Fu Xiang. Along this lane there are over twenty bars, cafes and teahouses.