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Currently as the largest city in China, Shanghai is also the economic hub of the fast-developing China. Meanwhile, its unique history endowed this city with priceless heritage. Tour around this city, you will experience both the latest trends and featured tradition. With its advance transportation both domestic and international, Shanghai will be out of question the perfect place to start your exploration of China. 

※ Stroll along the Bund in the night to unfold the wide prospect of various architectures;
※ please your taste buds with steamed buns after hanging around City God Temple bazaar; 
※ Appreciate marvelous Chinese classic horticulture in Yuyuan Garden;
※ Experience speed on Maglev Train and feel dynamic Shanghai;
※ Lifted to the world's fourth tallest tower on the Pearl TV Tower in a minute;
※ Get dressed to the Xintiandi clubs of romantic atmosphere;