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     Deluxe Japan Kansai & Kanto 7 Days (Feb.-Jun.) (code: BD7E)

Duration:   7 Days 6 Nights
Cities:   Osaka-Kyoto-Hakone-Tokyo
Tour Type:   Group tour of fixed departure dates
Tansport:   Land tour only
Hotels(local):   4 stars
Deal:   From AU$2799 per person
Full Itinerary   Availability & Prices   Special Remarks
Day 1: Arrival at Osaka Hotel:Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport or similar ( 4 stars )  

Upon arrival of Osaka Kansai Airport, take shuttle bus or train from airport to hotel (bus ticket is included). A local staff will wait at Terminal 1 from 11:00am to 21:00pm. He/she will assist you to find the bus/train. 
Important Information:

1. Please let us know your flight details at least one week ahead of the arrival day.

2. Assembly point at Kansai Airport: South Arrival Gate-Terminal 1

3. Hotel check-in is available after 3PM.
4. Passengers arriving at other time take shuttle bus/train to the hotel on their own (ticket not included, which is around AUD30/p).  

Day 2: Osaka-Kyoto ( B + L ) Hotel:Westin Kyoto Hotel or New Hankyu Kyoto or Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto or similar ( 4 stars )  

Visit a traditional market - Kuromon Market in the morning. It is dubbed as the larder for Osaka’s  kitchens, housing 170 shops vending fish, meat and produce. Find the less common aspect of Japanese people in Osaka Castle Park where they immerse in a laidback atmosphere. Admission ticket to Tenshukaku (Osaka Castle) is not included.

Travel  to Nara by bus and visit Nara Park where you could interact with free-roaming tame deer, believed to be sacred messengers of the Shinto gods.  Stop by Todaiji Temple , an UNESCO world cultural heritage site nearby the park.
Step back in time at  Kiyomizu-dera Temple, the oldest temple of Kyoto.  Standing on the its veranda,  you could have a commanding view of Kyoto city.  Do not skip Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka on the way to Kiyomizu-dera Temple. They are two famous narrow streets lined with shops of local souvenirs and snacks. 

Day 3: ( B + L ) Hotel:Westin Kyoto Hotel or New Hankyu Kyoto or Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto or similar ( 4 stars )  

After breakfast, head for Arashiyama, the most scenic area of Kyoto. Dubbed as the Best Scenery of Kyoto, much of its fame owns to the blooming cherry blossoms in spring time and vibrant maple leaves in autumn. Walk across Togetsukyo Bridge straddling Katsura River.
Leave this amazing natural wonderland for a man-made masterpiece -Kinkaku-ji, literally meaning Golden Pavilion, a significant Zen temple of Kyoto. Different from typical Japanese architecture, which is in favor of modesty and moderation, the exterior of Kinkaku-ji is covered with gold foil.  Some time will be available at a sake factory for a taste in Japan’s most representative alcoholic drink and also knowledge of its producing process.
 In Japan, a third of shrines worship Inari, a god in charge of farming and business.  This afternoon you would visit  Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine - the head of all these roughly 9000 Inari shrines. The imposing Senbo Torri clearly tells the shrine’s popularity among worshippers praying for good harvest and prosperous business.  

Day 4: Kyoto-Hakone-Tokyo ( B + L + D ) Hotel:Tokyo Prince Hotel or GranBell Hotel or Tokyo Dome Hotel or similar ( 4 stars )  

Travel to Hakone by Shinkansen (high-speed train) . Take care of your own luggage during train ride. Upon arrival, change to take bus to Oshino Hakkai for distinctive Japanese countryside view. Take a boat tour on Lake Ashinoko, a must-see of Hakone. On a clear sunny day, the lake is a perfect place to get impressive view of Mt.Fuji in a distance. 
Later on proceed to Kamakura and visit Japan's largest outdoor Buddha - Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha). Sculpted in the 13th century when Kamakura was at its heyday, it's now a symbol of the city and also a national treasure of Japan. Empty inside makes it possible for visitors to walk in the statue.  
Explore more in the diverse culture by visiting Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine in worship of the patron god of samurai, and also Hasedera Temple devoted to Kannon, the goddess of mercy in Buddism. 

Day 5: Tokyo ( B + L ) Hotel:Tokyo Prince Hotel or GranBell Hotel or Tokyo Dome Hotel or similar ( 4 stars )  

After breakfast, head to Imperial Palace Outer Garden. Meander around  this scenic area highlighted by the visit to Nijubashi Bridge, which is widely regarded as the emblem of the Imperial Palace. Visit Meiji-jingu Shrine in tribute to modern Japan’s first emperor and empress, Emperor Meiji (1852-1912) and Empress Shoken. This significant Shinto shrine is quite popular among Japanese people as they believe praying in this shrine would be more likely to come true.  View from afar the world’s tallest free-standing tower - Tokyo Skytree. Proceed to Sensoji Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo and definitely the must-visit for tourists to Tokyo.  Some time will be availble for you to take photo at Tokyo Tower (no admission) and also go shopping in the bustling Shibuya, the best place in Tokyo for nightlife and trendy youth culture. Its pedestrian walkway is said to be the busiest in the world, making the sight of world-famous Shibuya Crossing. Today’s lunch will be barbecue while dinner on your own. 

Day 6: Tokyo ( B ) Hotel:Tokyo Prince Hotel or GranBell Hotel or Tokyo Dome Hotel or similar ( 4 stars )  

Free day on your own. No guide no transfer no meal. 

Day 7: Leave Tokyo ( B )   

Check out of hotel after breakfast.  Make your own way to airport.