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    World Heritage Tour China 13 Days (code: HS)

Duration:   13 Days 10 Nights
Cities:   Beijing-Shanghai-Mount Huangshan-Hangzhou
Tour Type:   Group tour of fixed departure dates
Tansport:   International flights included
Hotels(local):   4 stars+
Deal:   From AU$2399 per person
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Day 1: Depart from Australia Hotel:in-flight ( )  

Board your flight heading for China!

Day 2: Arrival at Beijing ( B'fast ) Hotel:Maya Island Hotel or similar ( 4 stars+ )  

Welcome to China! Meet local tour guide upon arrival at Beijing airport. A comfortable transfer will take you to hotel. Free for the rest of the day!

Day 3: Beijing ( B'fast + Lunch ) Hotel:Maya Island Hotel or similar ( 4 stars+ )  
Start your day off with a visit to Tiannamen Square, one of the most spectacular public plazas in the world due to its size, Soviet-era architecture and historic monuments. Continue to the Forbidden City, a 15th-century palace complex which now houses a museum full of collections from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Admire the beautiful architecture, which has earned a UNESCO World Heritage-listing due to its influence on the architectural and cultural developments of East Asia and beyond. After lunch, proceed to the 13th-century Temple of Heaven. This multi-tiered structure was once used as a worship site between emperors and the heavens, conducting sacrifices as they prayed for a bountiful harvest. Continue onwards to learn how Chinese silk is spun in a factory. You may want to continue for an optional acrobatic performance in the evening to watch Chinese acrobats push their balance to the limit, or enjoy a succulent optional dinner of roast Peking duck.
Day 4: Beijing ( B'fast + Lunch ) Hotel:Maya Island Hotel or similar ( 4 stars+ )  

After enjoying your breakfast, head north of the city to visit the famous Juyong Pass segment of the Great Wall of China. Surrounded by beautiful rugged mountains, this part of the wall stands out for its stunning Cloud Platform gate – a white marble fortification standing at 9.5 metres tall.Enroute make a stop at the largest Jade Carving Workshop in Beijing to learn how Jade was used to create finest of ornaments for Chinese imperial dynasties. From here, visit the site of the 2008 Olympic Games and marvel at structures such as the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, then unwind with a soothing Oriental foot massage and a lesson on traditional Chinese medicine.
In the evening, you may choose to join in for the optional performance – the
Kung Fu Legend – for an insight into Chinese performance and martial arts.

Day 5: Beijing ( B'fast + Lunch ) Hotel:Maya Island Hotel or similar ( 4 stars+ )  

Taste Chinese tradition at an authentic tea ceremony. Wrap things up at the famous Silk Street Market, notorious amongst tourists for the wide selection of counterfeit designer apparel.
You may take a optional tour of
Beijing’s hutongs via rickshaw, before arriving at the Sichuan Folk House. Continue to the Beijing Zoo to see the adorable giant pandas – traditionally regarded by the Chinese as a symbol of friendship and peace.  Enjoy some window shopping in a pearl shop
For those looking to explore further, consider taking the
optional tour to the Summer Palace. Renowned for its beautiful gardens which were once enjoyed by emperors and their families, the Summer Palace is full of stunning lakes and ornate architecture. Alternatively,
In the evening you may consider having an optional (and delicious)
hot pot dinner

Day 6: BeijingShanghai ( B'fast + Lunch ) Hotel:Mercuer Shanghai Jiuting or similar ( 4 stars )  

Take bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai in the morning – China’s business centre and the most populous metropolis in the world. Meet with your guide and begin a tour of this bustling city, starting at the City God Temple bazaar. This site was once used as a shrine for Taoist worship and has since turned into a trendy tourist hangout with delicious street food and handcrafts lining the countless stalls. You may want to take a stroll along the famous waterfront district, The Bund, renowned as a gallery of world architecture. Along this 1500-metre waterfront, there are 52 buildings of various architectural styles such as Romanesque, Baroque, Neo-Classical, Beaux-Arts, Gothic and Renaissance. Proceed to Nanjing Road, known as one of the most prosperous streets in the world thanks to its countless shopping options. Dinner is your own to choose – perhaps explore one of Nanjing Road’s eateries for some delectable Shanghai-style dim sums.
You might want to join an
optional cruise along the Huangpu River to take in some enchanting views of the Pudong New District, a shining symbol of modern Shanghai.

Day 7: Shanghai ( B'fast ) Hotel:Mercuer Shanghai Jiuting or similar ( 4 stars )  

Free day on your own. 

Optional half-day trip to Zhujiajiao, a beautiful water town not far from downtown Shanghai. Formed some 1700 years ago, this water town is full of rivers lined with ancient buildings and still retains much of its historic charm.  

Day 8: ShanghaiHuangshan City ( B'fast + Dinner ) Hotel:Huangshan International Hotel or similar ( 4 stars+ )  

Take high speed train from Shanghai to Huangshan. Meet local tour guide upon arrival.
This afternoon you will visit
Tunxi Old Street.  Set up in Song dynasty(960-1279AD), Tunxi Ancient Street became a distribution center for goods and materials to Huizhou during Ming and Qing dynasties. Though after centuries, the street generally keeps its characteristic and operation layout of ancient store such as "front shop and back workshop” or "front shop and back house”.  Among the dozens of workshops, you will get insight of one renowned and time-honored one - Hukaiwen Ink Factory. Started over 200 years ago, it is now the only state-owned enterprise producing ink in China.  Learn how these so-called ‘treasures of Chinese study’ are produced. You will have the chance to hand-craft ink sticks.

Note: You would be on the train during lunch time. So today's lunch is on your own arrangement. There are dining cars on train where you may purchase simple lunch such as Chinese bento and bread but with few choices. And the prices are comparatively higher than the normal level. We would like to suggest you prepare and bring some food or snack with you for the train journey.

Day 9: Mount Huangshan ( B'fast + Lunch ) Hotel:Huangshan International Hotel or similar ( 4 stars+ )  

Drive to take cable car ascending to Mount Huangshan, a World Cultural and Natural Heritage site and also UNESCO Geopark. Mount Huangshan covers an area of 250 kilometers, of which 154 square kilometers are scenic attractions. Its landscape features“four wonders”of imposing peaks, spectacular rocks, odd-shaped pines, and a sea of clouds. Mount Huangshan boasts 72 peaks, more than 1,000 meters above sea level, with three main peaks rising majestically. With the tour guide, today you will explore this amazing mount.  Take cable car descending after the day hiking. 

Day 10: HuangshanHongcun VillageHangzhou ( B'fast + Lunch ) Hotel:Meiziqing Hotel or similar ( 4 stars+ )  

This morning, visit Hongcun Village, an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. It is a unique, buffalo-shaped ancient village. The whole village is measured to be 30 hectares. In this village, there are more than 140 well-preserved ancient houses decorated with intricate wood carvings on the beams and columns. What's more attractive is the harmonious combination of these houses with beautiful surroundings. This village has been named on the list of. Also it is where the Hollywood blockbuster Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was filmed.
After lunch, take bullet train to Hangzhou, dubbed as ‘paradise on earth’ by famous Italian traveler Marco Polo.

Day 11: Hangzhou ( B'fast ) Hotel:Meiziqing Hotel or similar ( 4 stars+ )  

Leisure day.
You may choose to take optional half-day tour of Hangzhou:  hotel pick-up in the morning. Get driven to the ‘soul’ of Hangzhou -
West Lake, the inspiration of numerous Chinese works of famous ancient writers, scholars and calligraphers of different dynasties. Take a boat ride on the lake, and view red carps at Flower Harbor.  proceed to Hefang Old Street, a bustling pedestrian street with shops and stalls of elaborate handcrafts and various local snacks. Get back to hotel with the tour guide at designated time or you may choose to explore more of this dynamic city on your own from here.  

Day 12: Fly from Hangzhou ( B'fast ) Hotel: ( )  

Free on your own till the transfer to Hangzhou airport.
Board the flight back!

Day 13: Back to Australia ( )   

Home sweet home!